Popular culture 1945 – present

Australian contribution to international music


This learning activities aim to develop students' knowledge and understanding of Australia's contribution to international popular culture (music).

Inquiry question How was Australian society affected by significant global events and changes in this period?
Content focus Australia's contribution to international popular culture in music
  • Identify the origin, purpose and context of primary and secondary sources
  • Identify and analyse the perspectives of people from the past
  • Identify and analyse different historical interpretations (including their own)
  • Develop texts, particularly descriptions and discussions that use evidence from a range of sources that are referenced
  • Select and use a range of communication forms (oral, graphic, written) and digital technologies.


  • Case studies across time:
    Case studies of The Go-Betweens and The Jezabels (PDF, 90 KB)
  • Document study:
    John Bywaters interview (PDF, 162 KB)
  • Discuss the economy of rock 'n' roll:
    The economy of rock 'n' roll (PDF, 135 KB)
  • Planning an overseas marketing campaign. In groups, have students create a band and develop a marketing campaign that could allow them to succeed overseas. They should name the group, develop songs, a musical style, costumes, and plan an itinerary that would give them the opportunity to succeed in the target countries. The campaign could include posters, interviews and an electronic press kit designed to attract interest.