Further reading


Cooper, H 2002, History in the Early Years,
Routledge Farmer, London, 2nd Edition.
A very useful resource, especially for Years K-2.

Lawless, J & Cameron, K 2012, Discovering History: Lower Primary,
Discovering History: Middle Primary and Discovering History: Upper Primary,
Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest.
A series written to support primary teachers implementing the Australian Curriculum: History.

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Erlbaum, Mawhah NJ.

Reynolds, R 2012, Teaching History, Geography and SOSE in the Primary School,
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A recent publication with Australian Curriculum references.

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Written for teacher educators, student teachers and teachers of history and geography.

Turner-Bisset, R 2005, Creative Teaching: History in the Primary Classroom,
David Fulton Publishers, UK.


K-12 History resources, materials & teaching ideas on a US site.

The Historical Association  
K-12 web resources and support for history pedagogy on a UK site.

The Historical Thinking Project 
Professor Peter Seixas’ ‘Benchmarks of Historical Thinking’ and lesson ideas. Canadian site.

Historical literacy
Tony Taylor & Carmel Young ‘Index of Historical Literacy’.

National Student Competitions

Opportunities to develop and showcase historical skills and understanding.

Australian History Competition
Years 7 – 10

National History Challenge 
Primary and Secondary

Simpson Prize
Years 9 – 10