Popular culture 1945 – present

Unit program

Year level – 10

Australian Curriculum: History reference – Depth Study 3 The Globalising World,
Popular Culture (1945-present) option

This learning sequence focuses on the role of rock 'n' roll music as a popular culture in post-war Australia. Music has been chosen as the exemplar to indicate the range of approaches and activities that can be utilised in a study of popular culture.

The Year 10 program: popular culture 1945 – present (PDF, 277 KB) suggests a more diverse range of activities and approaches and deals with other aspects of popular culture.

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Year 10 program template (Word, 140 KB)
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This unit references 'The globalising world, 4.0 Popular culture (1945–the present)'. Reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press Australia & New Zealand, from Oxford Big Ideas. History 10: Australian Curriculum, by Geraldine Carrodus, Tim Delany, Richard Smith, 2012. © Oxford University Press