The Industrial Revolution, 1750-1914

Unit Program

Year level: Year 9

Australian Curriculum: History reference – Depth Study 1 Making a Better World?
The Industrial Revolution, 1750-1914 option

The learning sequence models an approach that encourages inquiry and provides a significant amount of source material for students to use. The goal is to ensure that students are able to explore the topic in some depth and are given the opportunity to deal with an appropriately complex range of detail and issues.

The suggested assessment task that follows allows students to consolidate their learning and produce an extended response. The essay format allows students to develop their literacy and a range of skills, with a focus on research, analysis, interpretation and communication.


Year 9 program: the Industrial Revolution, 1750-1914 (PDF, 158 KB)

Year 9 program template (Word, 145 KB)

Year 9 lesson template (Word, 143 KB)