A significant local site

Activity 8: School milk – old photos and interviews

One example of a shared experience for children across Australia in the 1950s and 1960s was the free milk provided as part of a federal government program. Many images of the daily milk ritual exist.

Students individually view images such as the following:

Montagu Bay State School, milk locker

Lenah Valley State School, drinking milk, distribution

Lenah Valley State School, drinking milk

While doing so they develop questions to ask someone who experienced the milk scheme. During the preliminary investigation each student makes their own interpretations without sharing them. They should only be shared with the whole class after all have completed the activity and they are then added to the questions begun in Activity 4. 

After completing Activity 9 the teacher will share the following photo of Campbell Street Primary School  and ask the students to write down what time of the day the image was taken. The observant will have noticed that the milk crate is under the table in the room, which in the Tasmanian context means it was sometime before recess.

Assessment opportunities

The students' individual observations and questions provide a final opportunity for them to demonstrate their interpretation of a visual source and ability to develop relevant questions based on those observations.