A significant local site

Activity 1: Think, puzzle, explore

During a whole class discussion the teacher uses the first two sections of a Think, puzzle, explore chart (PDF, 136 KB) to record:

  • what students think they know about the history of the school
  • questions or things that puzzle them about the history of the school.

The teacher should record the name of the student next to each contribution to the charts. During this phase other students may challenge where information is placed. For example, something listed as a 'puzzle' question might be answered by another student and added to the 'think' chart.

Students are assigned to draw small drawings for each item added to the ‘think’ section of the chart for use later in Activity 2 and Activity 3.

Assessment opportunities

The contributions to the 'think' chart provide information on the knowledge and misunderstandings of students about change over time. The questions on the 'puzzle' chart indicate an individual's ability to pose questions relevant to the unit focus. Each can be used for both formative and summative purposes.