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Activity 4: Explore phase of think, puzzle, explore

Using a display of the completed sheets from Activity 3, the class suggests all the types of ways they have found out about the past so far. Each way is recorded on the 'explore' section of the Think, puzzle, explore (PDF, 136 KB) already used in Activity 1. This is an opportunity for the teacher to introduce appropriate terminology and these words can be added to a unit word wall. Additional words related to historical inquiry can be added to the wall throughout the unit.

Students are then asked to look at aspects of the past before their time at the school that they would like to explore further:

  1. The students develop questions individually on strips of paper. These should be then placed on the floor as a whole class under two headings:
    • The physical environment
    • School life
  2. Within these initial two categories, students are then asked collectively to suggest ways that related questions might be bundled. For example, all questions about what the environment of the classrooms were like would be grouped together and all questions related to the curriculum would be grouped.
  3. Once all questions are grouped they should be glued onto individual pieces of large paper (eg butchers' paper) for each group.
  4. In strips of another colour, the students list ways from the 'explore' chart of finding out answers to a group of questions. These coloured 'how to' strips of paper are glued beside the appropriate groups of questions.
  5. Those questions that can be asked of a person will also be recorded on another large sheet of paper or white board.
  6. Additional questions will be added to this during Activities 5, 6, 7 and 8. These will be asked of visitors to the school who will be invited to participate following Activity 8.

Assessment opportunities

Students may be assessed for their ability to develop relevant questions and to organise these into suitable categories. They can also be assessed on how well they choose appropriate methods to answer their questions.