A significant local site

Activity 5: Old photos – see, think, wonder

Students look at old photos of the school displayed on the smart-board or as printed copies. Begin by looking at one image with the whole class. Students should make observations about the image and the teacher records these observations on a large See, think, wonder chart (PDF, 85 KB).

For example, using a photo of the Albuera Street Infant School in Tasmania, make observations under the heading of 'see'. This is where observations are made without interpretation. Next students are asked what they 'think' about the image and to give an explanation for what they think. Finally, students are asked to record things they 'wonder' about the image. Sample responses are shown in the See, think, wonder chart - sample (PDF, 94 KB). Questions recorded in the 'wonder' column should be added to the list of questions begun in Activity 4.

Students then should complete their own charts for other images.

Assessment opportunities

Students' own 'See, think, wonder' charts can be used for both formative and summative assessment in relation to a student's capacity to interpret evidence from visual sources. Again, it is important that students have plausible interpretations.