First Fleet

Activity 7: Strangers come to stay

Focus question: what was the nature of contact between First Fleet settlers and Aboriginal people in the early days of colonisation?

  • Students examine the Aboriginal languages map. According to this source, which language group would have observed the landing of the First Fleet?
  • Using First Australians 1 (PDF, 115 KB) and First Australians 2 (PDF, 134 KB), students explore the impact of the First Fleet's arrival on the local Aboriginal people.
A screen shot from the video First Australians, 1. It shows Aboriginal rock art from the Kimberley region. First Australians 1
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  • Can students identify evidence of the success and productivity of Aboriginal peoples in Australia throughout their long history?
  • Can students understand and explain the Indigenous perspective on the landing and settlement of the First Fleet?
  • Do students demonstrate an awareness of potential bias in illustrations or written accounts?