Activity 6: Creating a Federation story

Identify the Activity 6 tasks on the MI/B grid student tasks (PDF, 102 KB) and MI/B grid teacher planner (PDF, 107 KB).

Discuss different learning styles, student interests and the multiple intelligences as listed on the Grid. Outline the features of each task... creativity is encouraged. Emphasise that not all students will complete all Activity 6 tasks on the Grid. Some tasks are to be completed:
as a group of 4-6 students,
as a pair,
or individually.

Teacher consideration and prior experience and/or availability of ICT may require some of the suggested tasks to be modified to suit school context, availability of resources, differentiation of learning abilities, allocated class time and/or home time to complete tasks and grouping of students.

Bloom's taxonomy: six thinking levels


  • Make an illustrated timeline of Australian Prime Ministers from Federation until now.


  • Make a cartoon strip to show three significant events before and after Federation.
  • Make a model or background image for your Federation board game.


  • Using the models, present a group performance of a significant event.
  • Using bush instruments, accompany your song. Perform for the class.
  • Combine your knowledge of the significant people and events of Federation to design and create a 1900s –style board game. As an example, see the State Library South Australia's Images of children's games 


  • Write a program for the class Federation Day activities. Invite a range of people to represent the community in 1901.
  • Use a Y chart to record how traditional Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander music is different from early Australian folk songs. This may be an opportunity for students to conduct research with local Indigenous communities. Use Y chart 1 (PDF, 88 KB). and Y chart 2 (PDF, 88 KB).


  • Compare money pre and post Federation. Make a poster to show coins and notes.
  • Examine turn of the century paintings. Create an artwork with a story of family life around 1901.
  • Research and make simple bush instruments using recycled materials.
  • Design a New 21st Century Federation Map of Australia.
  • Use the PCQ chart (PDF, 145 KB) to organise your thinking.
  • Write and perform a short skit to perform at the Federation Day celebrations.


  • Review different government systems in the world. Present your information as a written report, digital story or poster.
  • Construct an annotated visual diary to illustrate the changes in technology of visual sources (ie paintings, political cartoons, photographs) from pre 1900 to the present.
  • Make a digital sound recording of a radio show or a silent movie to re-enact a significant event.
  • Find sources to show the effects of Federation on Indigenous Australians. Make an annotated timeline poster or digital slideshow.