The ancient past – Narrabeen Man

Research and communication

At the end of the learning sequence where students have investigated the Mystery of Narrabeen Man, students are given an Assessment Task that allows them to demonstrate their learning. The skills focus will be research and communication.


  1. Use books, videos and the internet to research another instance where ancient human remains have been found. They compare this with the Narrabeen Man example. Suggestions:
    • Mungo Man
    • Mungo Lady
    • Otzi The Ice Man
    • Tollund Man
    • Lady Dai (Mawangdui China)
    • An ancient Egyptian mummy.
  2. Prepare a three (3) minute speech that summarises their comparison. Areas that might be covered include:
    • Where they were discovered
    • When they died
    • How they died
    • What their life was like
    • How they were preserved
    • Archaeological evidence discovered
    • Interpretations of experts
    • The return of human remains to Indigenous communities.


See Narrabeen Man assessment task and marking guidelines (PDF, 118 KB)