The ancient past – Narrabeen Man

Step 5: Communicate findings

Forensic report on the death of Narrabeen Man (Task 6)

For Task 6, refer to Investigation kit: the mystery of Narrabeen Man (PDF, 735 KB)


  • Emphasise that the work done by historians and archaeologists is very much like the work of detectives and forensic investigators. They all examine sources of evidence and develop theories to solve mysteries about past events.
  • Task 6 can be used as a simple summary activity or as an assessment task.
  • Students write a forensic report on Narrabeen Man.
  • The scaffold 'How to write a forensic report' has been provided.
  • As an extension activity the class could debate the ethical dilemma: 'Reburial, storage or museum display? What should be done with the bones of Narrabeen Man?'

Forensic report on the death of Narrabeen Man
Date of discovery  
Estimated date of death  
Location of deceased

Description of skeleton
(position, injuries,
associated artefacts)

(you can have more
than one theory)

Supporting evidence
Conclusions and recommendations