Lesson 9

Inquiry question What key beliefs and values emerged and how did they influence societies?
Historical Knowledge and understandings Economic features
Agriculture, aquaculture, trade, tribute, taxation, corvee labour
  • Use evidence from sources to support historical narratives and explanations.
  • The teacher leads a source study on the economic features of Khmer society, using the Written description by Zhou Daguan, a Chinese visitor to Angkor Thom (PDF, 91 KB) and the Bayon Temple reliefs, shown below. Review the steps in 'data collection' and demonstrate source interrogation and/or analysis using Working with sources: 4 steps (PDF, 125 KB).
  • Lead the student application of these steps to the Bayon Temple reliefs, shown below.
  • Introduce/explain new terms and enter these terms and their meanings into a topic glossary table. The teacher demonstrates how to enter information retrieved from sources into a table or note building database. See Note building with a spreadsheet database (PDF, 125 KB). (If no computers are available, students can draw up their own tables.)


  • Have students share and reflect on their data collection.
  • Student groups could focus on particular economic features and report their findings to the class, referring to relevant sources, then the whole class could enter shared data.

Bayon Temple reliefs

Tending the sick or chatting (removing lice)
A household.
Giving birth.


A family.


A circus.


A board game.


Traditional cooking brazier in a modern Cambodian market, 2004